Friends Christian Preschool

5091 Mountain View Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92886-4936
714-777-4356 | E-mail Us

Little Friends Preschool

4231 Rose Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886-1635
714-528-8402 | E-mail Us

Friends Christian Elementary School

5151 Lakeview Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92886-4936
714-777-3009 | E-mail Us

Friends Christian Middle School

4231 Rose Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886-1635
714-524-5240 | E-mail Us

Becoming Life-Long Learners—
It Starts in Preschool

From birth, children learn by doing. They watch and listen, they explore, they try new behaviors and new ways of relating to the world and people around them.

At Friends Christian Preschool and Little Friends Preschool, students are encouraged to learn and explore and grow in ways that are developmentally appropriate and that also prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.


It is our mission to inspire children to love God, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and develop a firm foundation based upon the truth of God's Word—through interactive prayer times, engaging Bible stories, scripture memorization, chapel participation, worship, giving, character building, and consistent integration of Biblical concepts throughout all aspects of the daily routine.


Students are loved and nurtured in an environment that is safe and challenges them to develop their natural gifts. Through positive character modeling and instruction, team building activities, creative play, performance opportunities, and consistent guidelines that foster respectfulness toward everyone, children are given the tools necessary to create and build relationships with others, express themselves with confidence and kindness, and learn positive conflict resolution skills.


Strong muscles and healthy bodies are celebrated as we teach children that they are God's creation, designed for a purpose. Children are encouraged to strengthen their bodies with fun activities—including jumping, crawling, marching, hopping, skipping, and dancing—and improve finger dexterity using various manipulative activities such as cutting, coloring, gluing, threading, and molding.


Students are given various opportunities to learn and express themselves creatively. They also receive age-appropriate instruction in the areas of numeracy, language and literacy, pre-writing, and emergent reading skills.

About Us

Friends Christian School exists to develop, nurture, and equip students to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ.


Friends Christian School is one school with four distinct campuses. Curriculum and experiences are coordinated so that each year builds upon the one before and prepares students for the next level between grades and between campuses.


A nurturing, Christ-centered environment, great teachers, outstanding academics, art, music, technology, physical education and competitive athletics—Friends Christian has it all.

Spiritual Life

Each year, there is a school theme that we focus on and challenge our students and staff to live out. This year the theme is: BE THE CHANGE —“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”
(James 1:22)


Dedicated teachers, proven curriculum, friends who encourage you and challenge you to do your best—Friends Christian School is a place where students love to learn!


Artistic expression allows students to discover things in a different way, opening new avenues for creativity and growth.


Discipline, teamwork, effort, and fun! Since 1985, Friends Christian School has produced champions in athletic competition.

The Friends Experience

It's the whole package that makes The Friends Experience—the focus on a relationship with Christ, great academics, art, music, sports, robotics, friends who encourage you—it's all here!

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