First Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
Students are instructed in reading using a phonics-based integrated reading program and are given a weekly experience in whole language instruction using selected children’s literature. Comprehension skills are taught in both the reading groups and whole language instruction. The students are given instruction in basic principles of sentence writing and beginning paragraphs. The principles of language and grammar are introduced and then practiced in children’s writing samples. The students are introduced to spelling as an outgrowth of beginning phonics instruction. Every class visits the library for 30 minutes weekly to give the students the opportunity to select and read books for enjoyment as well find resources for class assignments and activities.

Students receive instruction in basic concepts of numeration and the mathematical functions of addition and subtraction. Problem solving techniques are introduced. Concepts are introduced with manipulatives that transition from concrete to the abstract level. Throughout the year, students experience patterning, sorting, graphing, and estimation

Students are given experience in the scientific method and engineering design with special emphasis on the use of the five senses as God-given tools used for observation and experimentation. Project-based units exploring apples and pumpkins, weather, matter, plants and endangered animals.

Social Studies
The social studies curriculum focuses on developing a Christian worldview of family, community, America and the world. Units include geography and mapping skills, missionaries and explorers, Native Americans, Columbus, Jamestown, Government at the community, state and national levels, National symbols and monuments, Economics: needs and wants, goods and services.

Students study the story of creation through Josiah in the Old Testament. The second half of the year focuses on the The story of the Gospels; the life of Jesus and our need for a saving faith in Him. Students memorize a weekly scripture verse and attend chapel once a week that includes worship and praise through song and sharing of God’s Word.

Students continue on a path of acquiring basic computer competency. Students explore the basic functions of Microsoft Word by learning to change font sizes, styles and colors, as well as insert, size and position clipart, add page borders and print documents. Students explore their creativity with the art programs by using Pixie.