Middle School

Between fifth and eight grade at FCMS your child will be provided with a solid foundation in core subjects as well be given the opportunity to become more immersed in their community as they begin their ascent into high school.

Our Students Enjoy

  • Extra curricular activities including Choir/Band, Drama, and Athletics.
  • Opportunities to join Yearbook, the Online Newspaper, Student Government and LEGO Robotics.
  • An outdoor education trip in the sixth grade as well as class trips to Washington D.C./New York City in the eighth grade.
  • State of the art facilities including a Computer Lab, 2 Science Labs, Library, Media Center, and gymnasium.

Middle School Curriculum

The academic program at Friends Christian Middle School provides a solid foundation in core subjects as well as the opportunity for students to explore areas of their own interests or gifts.

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Bible Studies

Additionally, physical education, music, art, and technology are integrated in the FCMS experience.

  • Technology
    Fifth and sixth grade students have computer class once a week in the computer lab. They grow their keyboarding skills and use Microsoft Office programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) in assignments throughout the year. They also take their first steps in computer programming. In addition, the fifth and sixth grade teachers bring their students to the lab to complete classroom assignments and projects.
  • Seventh and eighth grade students continue to develop and apply their technological proficiency to many different assignments and projects including research, web page development, coding and presentation programs such as Powerpoint and Prezi. An outstanding library/media center is available for individual study/research and class sessions. In addition, we offer electives that focus on further mastery (STEM Exploration), implementation of technology skills in digital media (Web and Media Literacy), and applying technology to a communication medium (Yearbook and Lions News Online).
  • Physical Education
    All students participate in physical education. The program is designed around team sports to increase knowledge and skill in life long activities that promote healthy living. Once a week the students run a mile to increase cardio strength and endurance.
  • Visual Arts
    Fifth and sixth grade students participate in a visual arts class once a week. The class time includes basic skills and theory. In addition to this, they are taught 7 different 3D drawing skills. Jr. High students continue mastery of those drawing skills as they apply them in creating and designing projects based upon the elements of art. As part of their learning process, they are also taught the importance of using their abilities and creativity for the glory of God. Junior High students may take one of two Advanced Art elective classes that focus on further mediums and techniques, taking their creative skills to a higher level.
  • Music and Performing Arts
    Fifth and sixth grade students participate in music class once a week to further strengthen their music theory and methods skills. All fifth through eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in a choir and/or band that practices before or after school several times a week. The groups perform in concerts, festivals, at theme parks, and at outreach opportunities throughout the year in addition to a fully staged Broadway musical that is presented in the spring every year.