The Friends Experience


Friends Christian School campuses each host weekly chapel services that allow everyone in the Friends Christian School community—students, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff—to come together for a special time of fellowship with age-appropriate speakers, praise and worship, Bible lessons, and real life application of Bible principles. Alumni, faculty and staff, pastors or other guest speakers lead each Bible lesson. Individual students lead in pledges and prayer.

During chapel, students are recognized for a variety of achievements including:

Bible memorization
Positive character traits.

Award Chapels
Award Chapels are held periodically throughout the school year. On the elementary campus, they are typically held at the end of the quarter at special times. The middle school awards are given during regular chapel time.

Recognizing these Biblical characteristics in students supports our mission to develop, nurture and equip our students to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Schedule of Weekly Chapel Services

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Friends Christian Elementary School (Grades 2-4) 9:00am
Friends Christian Elementary School (Grades K-1) 9:50am
Friends Christian Middle School 8:40am
Little Friends Preschool 9:15am
Friends Christian Preschool – Yorba Linda 9:15am
Friends Christian Preschool – Garden Grove