Fourth Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
Through the use of an integrated Language Arts program and the study of novels, students explore the rich literary works from fiction to non-fiction, prose to poetry, through the use of reading, research, discussion, and participation in individual and group projects. Students develop an understanding of the major skills basic to the language arts: grammar, mechanics and usage, composition, vocabulary, study skills, sentence combination, and language and reasoning. Students incorporate spelling with vocabulary development, grammar, and creative writing. Students receive instruction and practice in cursive writing, including an emphasis upon legibility, neatness, and correct formation. Every class visits the library for 30 minutes weekly to give the students the opportunity to select and read books for enjoyment as well find resources as for class assignments and activities.

Students develop their ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, add and subtract fractions, and apply these skills in the area of problem solving. Two levels of math classes are offered and student enrollment in the grade level math or advanced math class is determined by assessment results.

Students use a variety of methods to explore the wonder of God’s creation. Students are introduced to the scientific method to explore and gain understanding of life science, earth science, and physical science by reading, observing, participating in class discussions, and participating in hands-on activities.

Social Studies
Students explore the history of California, from the earliest explorers to modern day, through the use of reading, discussion, and participation in individual and group projects. A two-day field trip to Sacramento and the gold country is the culminating activity for this study.

Students study the basic doctrines of the Church prepared for their grade level. Students not only gain an understanding of the doctrines, but how the doctrine applies to them personally. Students memorize a weekly scripture verse and attend chapel once a week that includes worship and praise through song and sharing of God’s Word.

Students are involved in word processing, PowerPoint presentations, and a variety of research assignments. Students work with a variety of computer applications including PowerPoint, Word, Google Docs, and a web-based keyboarding program. Digital citizenship is introduced and students learn about proper online etiquette and research skills.