Student Success Program

Students on the elementary campus who have been identified with learning disabilities or evidence significant learning challenges, will be evaluated by the Success Teacher with the goal of creating a plan to provide support for the student within the classroom environment. The program is one in which the student receives instruction in the regular classroom and accommodations that have been approved by the Success Teacher will be implemented by the classroom teacher when necessary to support student learning. Students who exhibit at-risk achievement may receive additional remediation during the school day with the Success Teacher.

The middle school provides a Success Program designed to assist students with learning disabilities or who require assistance beyond the regular classroom program. This takes place within a separate classroom experience for Language Arts and/or Math for 5th through 8th grade students. Students in the Success Program participate in the regular

Friends Christian Schools Success Program is a pullout support program for students who seem to be struggling to meet the grade-level expectations in their grade level. The program is designed to:

  • provide specialized support to the classroom teachers to meet the academic needs of students
  • provide direct services to students where they can participate in small group instruction targeted at addressing academic areas of need.

Support is also provided to classroom teachers in order to help address the social/behavioral needs of students.

Participation in Success


Students are identified as candidates for support based on:

  • teacher observations and assessments
  • school-wide screening results
  • parent feedback
  • a review of the student’s academic history and any formal assessment results.