Second Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
Through an integrated Language Arts program and a novel study, students are introduced to written language using grammar, creative writing, and reading comprehension skills. They participate in reading activities using phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and language arts skills. When they complete the program, students will demonstrate the ability to spell words and use phonetic rules on practice activities and weekly tests. Every class visits the library for 30 minutes weekly to give the students the opportunity to select and read books for enjoyment as well find resources for class assignments and activities.

Students develop their ability to perform basic mathematical functions and problems in the areas of addition, subtraction, place value, measurement, geometry, fractions, and beginning multiplication.

Students receive instruction and have the opportunity to explore nutrition, physical science, earth science, and life science, taught from the Biblical perspective of God’s creation.

Social Studies
Social studies includes a focus on neighborhoods and communities, stressing history, geography, economics, citizenship, and the humanities with lessons integrated into the units about other countries and important characters from past and present that have made a difference in our history.

Students study the character traits of various people in the Bible and how to emulate these traits in their daily lives. Students memorize a weekly scripture verse and attend chapel once a week that includes worship and praise through song and sharing of God’s Word.

Students demonstrate an understanding of technology operations. At the beginning of the year, students receive an introduction to touch typing, correct keyboarding posture and technique. Students expand their knowledge of word processing, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Internet research