Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts
Students are instructed in reading readiness skills using a phonics-based integrated reading program that encourages emerging readers as well as those experiencing early success at decoding and comprehension. Decoding and fluency skills are taught in both small groups and whole language instruction. The students are given instruction in basic principles of sentence writing and then practiced in children’s writing samples. A love of reading is encouraged through read aloud books, big book class experiences, and a variety of book choices for individual use. Every class visits the library once a week for 20 minutes to select and read books for enjoyment.

Students receive instruction and hands-on experience in basic concepts of numeration and the mathematical functions of addition and subtraction. The children develop counting and cardinality skills for numbers 1–20, they learn to identify basic shapes, develop skills with addition and subtraction, tell story problems and represent them with drawings, and compare groups and numerals. They are introduced to and compare length, height, weight, and capacity.

Students in kindergarten experience science instruction and activity for 30 minutes a week, plus an all grade level assembly with Mr. Science for 30 minutes once a month. The curriculum includes the study of wind, force, and motion, the water cycle, the solar system, electricity, animals, landforms, earthquakes and volcanoes, and insects.

Social Studies
The kindergarten program integrates History/Social Studies into thematic studies that include a variety of hands-on activities with the use of literature and writing opportunities. The theme of the studies is We Learn Together and it includes learning to work together, exploring where we work and live, identifying work that people do, our country, and learning from the past including studies of Columbus, Native Americans, and the Pilgrims.

Students experience four different themes throughout the year: God Created the Perfect World; Choices in the Family; God Becomes the Perfect Person; and, Jesus is Our Example. There are seven lessons and a quarter project for each topic. Students memorize a weekly scripture verse and attend chapel once a week that includes worship and praise through song and sharing of God’s Word.

Students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students learn to use Pixie software to create original artwork and text.