Fifth Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
Students develop oral and silent reading skills through the use of an integrated Language Arts program and the study of novels. Students are encouraged to discuss comprehension questions and respond to their reading through journal writing and discussions. Students compose personal short stories, journals, and paragraph essays. To develop an understanding of the major skills basic to language arts, students receive additional instruction on grammar, mechanics and usage, composition, vocabulary, study skills, sentence combination, and language and reasoning. They receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to utilize basic English grammar structure in regular writing and speaking activities.

Students receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to perform basic mathematical functions and problem solving in the areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. In addition, a variety of algebraic and geometric terms and concepts are introduced. Three levels of math classes are offered and student enrollment in the foundational math, grade level math, or honors math class is determined by assessment results.

Students explore and experience a variety of areas within the field of science including life, physical, and earth sciences through the use of reading, research, discussion, participation in group and individual projects, and utilization of the scientific research process and experiments.

Students explore the rich history of the United States from the Native Americans through the Civil War, through the use of reading, research, discussion, and participation in individual and group projects. As a culminating project for this study, the students create an extensive project on a state of their choosing.

Students study an overview of the Old Testament that emphasize choices and their consequences. Students memorize a weekly scripture verse and attend chapel once a week that includes worship and praise through song and sharing of God’s Word.