Seventh Grade Curriculum

Language Arts
At this level, students solidify their skills in reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. They read a variety of short stories and novels offering ample opportunity to analyze and discuss plot development, characterization, and identification of theme. A Biblical worldview weaves throughout the curriculum and guides literary discussions and Scriptural applications in student writing. Through the memorization and presentation of an oral interpretive selection, students practice using speech to share God’s truth. During the year, students write a formal electronic research report.

Through the use of assessment results, students are placed in one of three levels of math class: foundational math, grade level math, or honors math. Students in the foundational and grade level math classes gain an understanding of the essentials needed to be successful in a first-year algebra course. These include solving equations and inequalities, using integers and rational numbers, and an introduction to algebraic concepts. Other concepts studied include proportions and percent, geometric properties, measurement, perimeter, area and volume formulas, and statistics and probability. Students in the honors math class take the first semester of high school Algebra in seventh grade, and if they are successful, complete the second semester in eighth grade.

Students explore and experience a variety of areas within the field of science—including life, physical, and earth sciences—using reading, research, discussion, and participation in group and individual projects. Instruction and experience will be given in the science process skills of observation, experimentation, classification, and analysis.

Students explore the world’s medieval and early modern times through the use of reading, research, discussion, and participation in individual and groups projects. The study includes Roman Civilization, Early Islam, African Civilization, China in the Middle Ages, Medieval Japan, Medieval Europe, The Renaissance and Reformation, The Americas, The Age of Exploration, and The Age of Enlightenment.

Students participate in a Bible program that is meant to lead them into a deeper relationship with God by studying His Word and how it applies to our lives. Each student will rotate through four different Bible classes, one per quarter, where they will study Old Testament characters to learn from the successes and weaknesses of men and women God used to lead His people and fulfill His prophecies; explore the life of Christ from His baptism to His resurrection through the Gospel of John; and discover God’s truth from looking at great words from God’s Word: grace, sin, peace, love, truth, sanctification, and faith


Seventh Grade Electives


Advanced Art 1
A creative place for making art better than you ever thought possible! As you learn and become comfortable with the basics, you’ll start to create in a successful and inspired way. Use basic shapes and guidelines, pencil strokes, light and shade, perspective, color, proportions and work digitally using image-editing software.

Advanced Art 2
A class for the artist who has demonstrated competence in the above techniques of AA 1 and is ready to explore further mediums and techniques such as: mixed media collages, acrylic portraits, Photoshop collaging, and drawing using styles, methods, and processes that promise to take your creative skills to a new level. (Prerequisite: Advanced Art 1 or instructor’s recommendation)

STEM Exploration
This course includes three STEM components. First, using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Drive, students will create and design a business plan. Second, students will explore computer programming through learning to read and write code for websites, games, and apps. Finally, students will use the Legos Robotics kits to program a robot! (7th or 8th grade)

Lions News Online
Join Mr. Lewis in creating the Lions online newspaper. You’re the reporter. You write the breaking news. You write the opinion blog. You’re the camera and video person. Interviews, sports, entertainment, personal interest stories and website layout. Weekly projects/deadlines may sometimes require time after school to report on extra-curricular events. A proven history of quality work and meeting deadlines is required.

Spanish 1A
This elective emphasizes vocabulary and other fundamental Spanish speaking and writing skills that will be helpful in preparation for high school Spanish. 7th grade students who excel in this course may select Spanish 1B in 8th grade, preparing them to enter Spanish II in 9th grade.

Student Publications: Yearbook
The yearlong project of this class is the production of the Friends Christian School Yearbook. Students take part in all aspects of the creation, construction, and completion of the school yearbook. Seventh grade students are placed in this elective by teacher recommendation only.

Study Hall
This class provides a supervised/structured study environment where students are expected to complete homework, work on projects/assignments or study for upcoming tests. Priority is given to students who struggle in the mainstream classroom. Graded for citizenship only on each quarter’s report card.