5 Benefits of Private School Education

5 Benefits of Private School Education

As children get older, parents often find themselves weighing options for education. How is private school different from the public option?

Here are five benefits of a private school education:


  • Small Class Sizes: With education budgets in a constant state of flux, the number of students in public school classrooms has ballooned in recent years. The average public elementary school in California provides one teacher for every 25 students, while private education averages 28% fewer students per teacher: just 18-to-one.
  • Shared Worldview: Going beyond academics, private education connects with students and their families at a deeper level: belief. The mission and philosophy of private education permeates all disciplines and activities. At Friends Christian School (FCS), our faith is at the center of everything we do—this allows us to foster a holistic, faith-based worldview in our students.
  • Flexible Curriculum: Because it is funded by the state, public education is subject to restrictions around what is communicated—and what is intentionally omitted—in the classroom. Private education is free from many such limitations and can therefore create a learning environment that more clearly aligns with the philosophy of its educators and families.
  • Parental Involvement: Private institutions rely heavily on parental involvement both in and away from the classroom. This creates a stronger connection and symbiotic relationship between educators and students’ families and, ultimately, a better experience for students.
  • Stronger Community: A common philosophy and regular engagement with families fosters a stronger community within a school. At FCS, we use these bonds of community to facilitate volunteer projects and other outreach programs that help us to live out our commandment to love our neighbors.

At Friends Christian School we are proud of the unique opportunities for growth our program provides to our students and their families. Together, we can shape a brighter future!