How to Choose a Private School

How to Choose a Private School

Not all private schools are the same. Differences like class size, curriculum or teaching philosophy make school choice an exciting opportunity for families. Yorba Linda is blessed to have many good private schools.

So, how does a family choose which school is right for them?

First, identify your family’s top priorities for your child’s education. Consider objective measures, like a school’s statistical achievements, as well as softer things like learning environment, community engagement, and academic rigor. We’ve included a list of suggested questions below to get you started.

Second, examine the values of each school and evaluate if they line up with your family’s list of important things. Many people choose a faith-based private school so that faith can be integrated into learning daily. 

Third, seek out people who know the school.  If you don’t know someone whose child went to a school, don’t hesitate to set an appointment to speak with staff or take a tour. Tours are a great way to get insight into a school. They are also a great way to experience a typical day on campus, and ask questions that may arise while onsite. 

Fourth, give thought to the cost of private education. Consider fixed costs like tuition and uniforms and soft costs, like distance from home. How do these costs line up with your family’s priorities?

Friends Christian School is committed to meeting the needs of its students through a creative curriculum, high standards for teachers, and support for each student’s spiritual growth. We invite you to come talk to us and get to know what we are doing here at Friends Christian School!



  1. What are the average class sizes in each grade level?
  2. What are the graduation rate statistics?
  3. How does the school primarily communicate to parents?
  4. How involved are parents on campus or in the classroom?
  5. How is faith integrated into the classroom?
  6. What are the average qualifications of teachers?