Special Christmas Programs at Friends Christian School

Special Christmas Programs at Friends Christian School

Friends Christian School celebrates the Christmas story, this time of year, with unique programs performed by our students. Our programs illustrate the story of Jesus’s birth through music, dance, storytelling and bible verses. Each student has a part in the programs we put on and work begins early in the year! 



Pre-School and Elementary Program

Our Pre-Schoolers (Friends Christian Preschool) worked hard this year on a themed program centered around the Christmas story and began rehearsing early in the year. The theme was our own version of the Charlie Brown Christmas. By the time of our Christmas programs, students have memorized 6-8 bible verses to showcase.

Pre-Schoolers at Little Friends Preschool shared the very important Christmas Story, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” Each class sang quite a few songs, recited bible verses and shared the story of Jesus’ birth with their special guests.

Kindergarten and first graders presented a program that celebrated Christmas as Jesus’s Birthday. Grades 2-4 grade’s program told the Christmas story as an investigation into the true meaning of Christmas. 

During and after school our 2ND through 4TH graders with leading parts rehearse, learn songs, act, and help choreograph the show’s dancing. Their ideas are incorporated, and we see students gain confidence in their abilities, strength in their faith, and enjoyment through working together on a common project. By trying new things students find skills they never knew they had.

“We do these programs to glorify God with the gifts he’s given our students. I am continually amazed at what our students are capable of.” (Jolie Brinnon, Elementary Music Teacher)



Middle School Choir and Band Concert

In the middle school Christmas Concert, students begin working on the Christmas songs starting in September. The concert is a blend of showcasing the talents of band and choir classes.  Band students often choose the music to be played and lead groups of musicians practicing together called “sectionals” to rehearse.

“Our Christmas Concert gives students an opportunity to serve their community with the talents and gifts that God has given them. It shows parents our music programs are more than just extracurriculars, they are character building, discipline instilling, and joy bringing activities.” (Jesse Haugen, Band Instructor)

Choir students practice twice a week during class and focus on singing in groups, learning harmonies, and developing solo techniques to strengthen every performer. The Christmas concert is the culmination of both dedicated practice and the desire to share a love of worship to parents, friends and neighbors who attend.


“Music is an enormous gift and responsibility. It gives students an avenue to tell people about Jesus in a natural way.” (Alisa Hopper, Choir Instructor)


Friends Christian School is very proud of the work our students and instructors put into the Christmas programs. Our goal is to reach those who attend, in support of our students, with the message of the Christmas season. God’s Son came into this world to save us from sin and give us eternal life with Him.