Here's Why I Strongly Believe in the Mission of Friends Christian School

Here’s Why I Strongly Believe in the Mission of Friends Christian School

A message from Head of School Todd Perkins

In a community as strong as Yorba Linda, one would expect to find a number of attractive educational options and this is certainly the case. Numerous well-regarded public, private, and home schooling programs are available and most Friends Christian School (FCS) families have access to multiple options. However, few options provide the combination of features one finds at Friends.

While public schools clearly compete with us academically, no public school can act independently when it comes to decisions about educational content or school priorities as many of these decisions are made at the district or state level.  The recent controversy over AB 329 (California’s Healthy Youth Act of 2015) serves as a good example given that many parents are uncomfortable with the educational content mandated by the state.  As a private school, FCS has the freedom to decide whether or not such content aligns with our mission, an option not available under a public school’s mandate.

Private schools also have options when it comes to accreditation, teacher credentialing, and other educational standards. In these areas, alignment with public school standards makes sense as it provides parents with an assurance of high educational standards, well-trained personnel, and exemplary programs. FCS has a long-standing commitment to maintaining accreditation through both WASC and ACSI and to placing credentialed teachers in every classroom. Our educational program aligns to California state standards and we regularly review curriculum and instructional practices.

FCS also commits significant funding to classroom resources, as well as program enhancements and support personnel, to meet the needs of each student. Taken together, these commitments result in a program that compares favorably with our local private school competition, especially other local Christian schools. FCS has consistently placed an equal emphasis on the academic and spiritual development of each student.  We do not believe we need to compromise in either area and it’s our goal to allow each student to realize his or her full potential in a Christian environment. Not every local Christian school is able to make this same commitment.

This ability to prioritize as we see fit and to make decisions that support our priorities is another hallmark of our school. At FCS, we are modifying our program to meet the needs of changing demands while remaining true to our Christian heritage and commitment to our school’s legacy.  While we continue to add new programs and to provide students with new experiences and opportunities, we have not changed the essence of what it means to be an FCS Lion.  We have always sought to work with parents to raise the next generation of Christian leaders and this will always be our goal.

Todd Perkins
Head of School